Things You Didn’t Know About Your HVAC

HVAC is an essential system in your home especially when you are living a very hot or cold climate. One needs to be sure whether the money is they are spending is being spent wisely or not. The best way to know about HVAC systems is to educate you. Here are some of the things you don’t about your HVAC.

  1. Unlike other mechanical equipment, this one requires a lot of maintenance. You will often call for the service and it will be related to maintenance only. Most of this maintenance you can do it by yourself.
  2. You need to change your air filters regularly. And this is a must. If you won’t, then this will be troublesome in long run. In fact, most of the HVAC failures are due to the clogged air filters. To avoid this you need to change air filters every month or maybe two regularly.
  3. Earlier AC’s were a luxury and so many people didn’t own it or had it at their businesses. So, to cool off themselves they had to go to movies. Due to this in summertime movies were a major attraction.
  4. For longer and efficient air conditioning, it’s system needs to be regularly checked for any kind of leaks. This debunks the theory that AC’s just need to be recharged every month.
  5. If the problem related to your AC is not electrical than your AC will let you the problem before it shuts down. You just need to regularly check the copper wires for any kind of ice or frost.
  6. AC’s are getting larger and larger and there is nothing we can do about it. If you replace your current AC with a new one you will notice that it is larger in size. Because the minimum energy regulations require larger systems.
  7. When you call the technician for your HVAC system, he needs to have a license. Yes, a licensed technician should only be allowed to check your system. There are many certificate and license courses that these professionals can use to educate themselves properly.
  8. Closing your vents can be economical in longer runs and can save you a lot on your bills. But in reality, it can actually harm your HVAC system. Because when you close your went instead of redirecting air it will just cut off the air flow. This will create stress in your system and may damage it in near future.
  9. During the start of a cooling season, you can brush off the dirt and the things obstructing your coils to drain off your HVAC systems.
  10. Changing your air filter is also important because it will prevent polluting air entering your home. Thus change your air filters regularly.